SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT-Every Student will practice discipline and healthy living, attain English language fluency, be respectful to others and strive to become a resourceful asset to society and engage in collaborative approach. ...

On account of CBSE policy on Class size restriction, NO ADMISSIONS are available in the academic year 2020-21 in Classes beyond Nursery to XII ...

BLUE BIRD congratulates Class XII and X CBSE 2020 Exam school toppers. ...

Placement List for Class XI (2020) is now available on the electronic board of the school. The list displays the names of students along with stream granted based on merit. Students of Class X of 2020 should check the Teno Class X Group (Board Year 2020) of their respective sections for more information. ...

Class XI (2020-21) will commence from Tuesday, the 4th of August 2020. Student registration window is now available on the school web Students are advised to register immediately. Last date of Registration is 1st August 2020. After this date, the registration window will no longer be available. ...


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The school administers a mix of varied activities as a part of the educational curriculum which are facilitated by a modern infrastructure to support learning and holistic development of an individual. The high standards of BLUE BIRD are maintained by the use of innovative teaching methods and a result oriented curriculum and evaluation system. Its academic support services includes :


The School maintains neat and clean eco-friendly surroundings. Attention and care is taken to see that the School environment is a pleasant place to work in and learn.

Classrooms are spacious, well lit and ventilated with wall to wall green boards. The rooms provide a panoramic view of the green belt comprising of rich flora around the school campus, thereby providing a healthy, hygienic and pollution free-environment conducive for studies.


The School has a highly professional, qualified and experienced staff.

In order to maintain the high standard of education and modern teaching approach, the school conducts scientific research on the teaching learning process and ensures development of its staff through regular upgradation programs in the form of in-service education, workshop sessions to update the teachers with the latest technological developments in the field of education so that they can employ newer improved techniques in teaching and instructions with students.


The School tries to build a broader and more holistic picture of education by making teaching-learning process highly interactive. Efforts are made to ensure that learning is fun and enjoyable to students. The current generation of young ones require reasoning and want to see the relevance of what they are learning. They naturally want real-life experiences. Keeping this in mind the School has worked out a thematic curricula with intensive practical sessions, project work and workshops to promote a better and more meaningful understanding of the subjects.

Emphasis is laid on interactive method and activity-based teaching which includes participation of students in discussions, demonstrations, experiments, illustration through charts, models and specimens and use of other teaching and electronic audio-visual aids.

The audio-visual theatre judiciously screens films to provide varied exposure to the students in order to enrich their educational experience. The films are carefully selected and previewed, keeping in mind the crucial role of the media in the educational process.


The School Library is a high level resource centre of knowledge equipped with the latest books in varying fields. The resource centre houses books ranging from Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Books of knowledge, Science, Commerce, Art, Economics, Computers, Story Books, Periodicals, Magazines, Journals and many rare manuals.


The School is equipped with a large playfield and athletic track where students play various sports like football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, handball, kabaddi, etc. Besides this, proper hard courts are available for lawn tennis, badminton, basketball, etc. Indoor activities include chess, table tennis, etc.


The school has the most modern laboratories equipped with the latest equipments and apparatus to provide ample opportunities to students for conducting scientific exploration and research.

Some of the Laboratories are mentioned hereunder :


Science Laboratories : Three separate Science Laboratories each in Physics, Chemistry and Biology provide students to explore the world of Science in the major scientific disciplines.

Computer Laboratory : The Machine room is equipped with the most modern Pentium-based interactive color multimedia systems. Computer Education is compulsory from Class III onwards. Stress is laid on application based training and intensive hands-on sessions.

Mathematics Laboratory : The Mathematics Laboratory has been designed with a view to take the students beyond the world of curriculum mathematics into the intricacies of the subject in order to build interest in the subject. Students are guided to make Mathematical models and make deductions on the basis of experiments and observations. The lab opens a new horizon for the free flight of the mathematical mind.


In order to motivate students to study hard and bring in them a spirit of competition, the School instituted a scheme of “scholarship” in 1992. These awards are in memory of the founder Late Shri P.C. Bhattacharjee. The scholarships are available to students from Class IV onwards. The student granted scholarship shall be given a tuition fee waiver. To be eligible, a student will have to clear pass in all subjects, top his class and secure not less than 90% marks in the aggregate total in the term examination

Besides this, the students of the school are rewarded for their academic achievements at a Badging Ceremony which is held at the end of every major examination to promote excellence in education. This is an occasion which acknowledges and honors the scholarly achievements of the students and provides them with motivation and encouragement to perform even better.


The school provides regular medical facilities to its staff and students. First-Aid dispensaries and kits are available in each block and floor for providing immediate relief to students in the case of an accidental mishap or injury. Besides this, full detailed medical check-up of every student is conducted annually by a registered medical practitioner. Record of the medical examination is kept and shown to parents for follow-up.


The school has an experienced team of teacher counsellors who provide advice to students on two major areas of guidance :
i)  Personal or remedial counseling for students facing a problem in academic, social or personal life.
ii) Vocational guidance to enable decisions on career choices and future prospects.

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